How to Grow Your Dropshipping Business with Youtube Shorts

Are you an eCommerce business owner looking for a way to increase your sales without spending a fortune on ads? In today’s blog post, we will discuss a proven strategy. How to Grow Your Dropshipping Business with Youtube Shorts by making simple product videos.

How this E-commerce Store Drives Sales With Zero Ad Spend

Firstly, let’s talk about the example of, a Dropshipping business that has been using this exact strategy to drive over 5.3 million people to their website. They found a unique product that had some sort of demonstratable characteristics and started creating engaging videos of people using the product. This strategy helped them generate $50,000+ in sales with zero ad spend.

How To Implement This Strategy in Your Dropshipping Business

Now, let’s dive into how you can implement this strategy for your Dropshipping business. The first step is to find a unique product that can be demonstrated in videos. To find such products, you can search on TikTok for creators who shoot videos about these products on Amazon. You can look for products that have gone viral and try to find similar products that you can demonstrate in videos.

Once you have found a product, the next step is to start creating engaging videos of people using the product. You don’t need to hire a professional videographer for this. In fact, the less polished and professional the videos are, the more authentic and accessible your product will look. Try to think of different situations and scenarios in which the product can be used and demonstrate it the same.

The third step is to mix your content with current trends. Try to tap into current trends and show your product in a way that resonates with your audience. You can use trending sounds, hashtags, and hooks to create content that people actually want to see. If you create shareable content, people will send the link to their friends, which can make it go viral.

This image represents How to Grow Your Dropshipping Business with Youtube Shorts

The Key to Making This Work For Your Business

Consistency is the Key. You cannot expect to go viral with just one video. You need to be consistent in creating videos and try different things until you figure out what works. Once you figure out what the algorithm favors, the algorithm will start to push your videos over time. Even videos with fewer views will start gaining more engagement and traction as your viral videos send them more traffic.

In conclusion, the strategy of generating $50,000+ in sales with zero ad spend is a proven one, and you can implement it for your Dropshipping business too. By finding a unique product that can be demonstrated in videos, creating engaging videos of people using the product, mixing content with current trends, and being consistent in creating videos, you can drive more traffic to your website and increase your sales.

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Generate Stunning Product Images for Facebook Ads with AI

In the fast-paced world of e-commerce and digital marketing, having eye-catching product images can make all the difference. Not only do they attract attention, but they also help build trust and credibility with potential customers. However, creating professional-looking images can be time-consuming and expensive. Fortunately, there’s a solution – AI-generated product images. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to use to generate stunning product images for Facebook ads with AI.

Step 1: Sign up on

Head over to and sign up for a free account. Once you’ve registered, you’ll have access to 40 free AI-generated product images, which should be more than enough for your first launch. If you find that Pebblely meets your needs, you can opt for a subscription later on.

After signing up, you’ll need to upload a product image with any background. The AI on is designed to automatically remove the background, making it easy to get started. If necessary, you can refine the background removal process by adjusting the brush size and erasing any unwanted parts.

Step 2: Choose a theme and generate images

Once you’ve uploaded your product image and removed the background, it’s time to let the AI work its magic. You can select from various themes, such as nature or cafe, to generate images that match your product and target audience. The AI will create 40 free images in various settings and backgrounds, perfect for use in ads, retargeting campaigns, and social media posts.

After the AI generates your images, take some time to review them and select the ones that best suit your needs. Keep in mind that not all generated images will be perfect, but you’ll likely find several that look professional and fit your marketing goals.

Step 3: Implement your new images in your marketing campaigns

Now that you have a collection of AI-generated product images, it’s time to put them to good use. Incorporate them into your Facebook ads, social media posts, website, and other marketing materials to showcase your product in a variety of settings and appeal to your target audience. By using AI-generated images, you’ll save time and money that would have been spent on hiring a professional designer or photographer.

This shows the growth you can receive by Generate Stunning Product Images for Facebook Ads with AI

Benefits of using AI-generated product images

There are several benefits to using AI-generated product images in your marketing efforts. These include:

Cost-effectiveness: By using AI, you can eliminate the need for a professional designer or photographer.

Time savings: AI-generated images are created quickly, which means you focus on other aspects of your business.

Customization: With various themes, you can create images that resonate with your target audience and match your product’s brand identity.

Versatility: AI-generated images can be used across multiple marketing channels, such as Facebook ads, retargeting campaigns, and social media posts.

In today’s competitive e-commerce landscape, high-quality product images are essential for success. By using AI-generated images from, you can create captivating visuals that enhance your marketing efforts without breaking the bank. With a simple sign-up process, is the perfect solution for businesses looking to streamline their product images. Give it a try and see how you can Generate Stunning Product Images for Facebook Ads with AI.

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Top 5 AI Tools for E-commerce Dropshippers to Boost Sales 

E-commerce is still expanding at a rapid pace, making it harder for businesses to stand out in the crowded online market. Fortunately, a variety of AI-powered tools are available to assist e-commerce drop shippers in overcoming these obstacles and dominating the online industry. The Top 5 AI Tools for E-commerce Dropshippers that boost sales will be discussed in this blog post. Can create High-Quality Images For Your Products

An AI-powered Image generation platform called can assist drop shippers in e-commerce in producing high-quality product photographs. By automatically removing any image’s background and replacing it with a new one, this tool employs artificial intelligence to give your product photographs a professional look. With this tool, you’ll be able to differentiate your products from your competition which uses identical photographs from their suppliers.

Also, provides a sizable library of background pictures and patterns that can be quickly added to your product pictures. This means you can produce great product images that you can use in your advertisements, website, or social media without spending time or money on graphic designers. Creates User Generated Content Videos for your Products

WiseCut is an AI video editing tool that can help e-commerce drop shippers create enticing product videos. This tool uses AI to automatically remove pauses and transitions in your videos, making them smooth and professional-looking. Additionally, WiseCut can also add subtitles to your videos, making them more consumable to a wider audience and increasing engagement.

WiseCut is perfect for creating user-generated content without worrying about editing. You can simply shoot a video of your product and let WiseCut do the rest. This tool can save you time and money on video editing and help you create engaging product videos that can be used in your marketing ads, website, or social media. Can Help you Gain Insights From Your Customers

Hollar is an AI-powered survey tool that can help e-commerce drop shippers understand their customers better. This tool uses to analyze customer feedback and provide insights into what customers like or dislike about your products. Hollar can also summarize the key points of your customer feedback, making it easier for you to improve your business.

Hollar can help you to ask questions to your customers and gain valuable knowledge that can help you improve your business. This tool can also help you to identify new opportunities or trends in your niche and stay ahead of your competition. Turns Long Form Content into Social Media Posts is an AI-powered software that can help e-commerce business owners create social media posts from long-form content. This software can convert blog posts into social media posts, which can be used to drive traffic to your website. can also generate emojis to use in your social media posts, making them more engaging. can save you time and effort on social media marketing by creating high-quality content from your existing content.

YouTube Summary with ChatGPT can help you create ads for your Products

The YouTube Summary with ChatGPT is an AI-powered tool that can help drop shippers create ads from YouTube videos. This software can summarize any YouTube video and train the AI model to write an ad for your product. This can save you time and effort in creating ads and improve your marketing strategy.

This means you can easily create high-quality ads that are based on popular YouTube videos in your niche. This tool can help you to tap into the power of YouTube influencers and drive more traffic and sales to your website. These are The Top 5 AI Tools for E-commerce Dropshippers that boost sales and enhance the systems and operations

Ai is helping e-commerce business owners boost sales by merging over to help with everyday tasks

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Not only will we build and launch your e-commerce business, but we’ll also teach you the foundational strategies necessary for long-term success. Our goal is to empower you with the skills and knowledge needed to manage and grow your e-commerce business independently.

You don’t have to navigate the world of e-commerce alone. By leveraging our experience, you’ll benefit from a professionally built e-commerce store and learn valuable strategies for long-term success. Apply now and take the first step toward launching your e-commerce empire.

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Master High-Converting AI Copy: Top ChatGPT Prompts Unveiled

You’re missing out on one of the most sophisticated language models available right now if you haven’t tried Chat GPT yet. Natural language processing is a technique that Chat GPT, an AI-driven tool created by OpenAI, employs to produce text. In today’s post, I am going to show you how to Master High-Converting AI Copy: My Top ChatGPT Prompts Unveiled. You can access it by visiting for free.

You can enter any sort of text into Chat GPT, and it will create original, beautifully written articles. For instance, if you ask it to write a 100-word blog article on a particular subject, like sales, it will produce a well-written post that does so in a distinctive way.

But now that Chat GPT has gained popularity, plenty of people are using it. In fact, Chat GPT is one of the fastest-growing apps ever, having added a million members in just five days. Hence, using Chat GPT carefully and adhering to best practices can help you achieve the best outcomes.

Do You Use Chat GPT Incorrectly? What You Need to Know

This incredible AI-powered application called Chat GPT can produce original, high-quality copy for a variety of uses, including blog posts and Instagram captions. Yet, a lot of people make the error of employing it improperly, which leads to mediocre outcomes that fall short of their expectations.

The issue is that users frequently enter random text into Chat GPT without giving enough context or being sufficiently evocative. This is a typical mistake that could produce outcomes that blend in with the crowd.

You must use Chat GPT strategically and adhere to the recommended practices to get the best results. This entails asking questions with context and background information, using good syntax and punctuation, speaking clearly and simply, being patient, and offering feedback.

By doing this, you can make sure that Chat GPT creates original, customized material that is suited to your particular requirements and objectives. Businesses and brands that want to differentiate themselves from the competition and provide content that connects with their audience should pay particular attention to this.

The Best Hack for Chat GPT: How to Improve Your Writing by Using Strong Words

Using powerful words in your prompt is one method to improve your results.

Power words are those that cause readers to feel strongly or act in a certain way. These can improve the persuasion, interest, and retention of your writing. The Richard Bayan book “Words That Sell,” which is available on Amazon, is a fantastic source for power words. This book is a reference manual that provides a list of several power words for use in composing emails, copy, and advertisements, among other things. This is how I Master High-Converting AI Copy: My Top ChatGPT Prompts Unveiled.

By using powerful words with Chat GPT, you can enhance the quality and impact of your writing. For example, instead of using a generic word like “popular,” you can use a powerful word like “renowned,” “hailed,” or “legendary” to make your content stand out and resonate with your audience.

While many people use Chat GPT to generate simple text for social media posts and other content, incorporating powerful words can take your writing to the next level.

"Words that Sell" is a book of powerful words that Master High-Converting AI Copy: Top ChatGPT Prompts Unveiled for optimized conversions and content strategy for your business

How to Use “Words That Sell” with AI for Better Results

For example, let’s say you want to write an ebook about fly fishing. Using “Words That Sell,” you can find powerful words that are relevant to your topic, such as “easy to follow,” “step-by-step,” “user-friendly,” and “effortless.” By incorporating these words into your instructions, you can create an ebook that is more engaging, clear, and easy to understand.

To use “Words That Sell” with Chat GPT, start by defining your objective clearly and identifying the keywords and powerful words that are relevant to your topic. Then, input your text into Chat GPT, using proper grammar and punctuation, and incorporating the power words strategically to enhance your writing.

By doing so, you can create unique and personalized content that stands out and resonates with your audience. Whether you’re writing an ebook, a blog post, or an ad.

Another Example of How to Get the Best Out of Chat GPT’s AI

Let’s say you want to write a one-day-only sales email for a fly fishing rod. Instead of being broad and generic with your request, be specific and add urgency to it. This means providing context and background information when asking questions, using proper grammar and punctuation, and incorporating powerful words and urgency-inducing phrases like “one-day-only sale,” “limited-time offer,” and “don’t miss out.”

By doing so, you can create a sales email that is more engaging, persuasive, and effective at driving conversions. You can also use resources like “Words That Sell” to find more powerful words and phrases that are relevant to your e-commerce business and your specific niche.

By using powerful words from this guide with Chat GPT, you can enhance the quality and impact of your writing, and generate more engaging and persuasive content that appeals to your customers.

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Revolutionary AI Tool Finds Winning Dropshipping Products

Finding a winning dropshipping product can make a world of difference in your business. One of the biggest reasons some people are successful with dropshipping versus those who aren’t is their ability to identify winning, demand-driven products before they blow up and become saturated in the market. This innovative platform is designed to give you an edge over your competition, allowing you to capitalize on emerging trends before others catch on. In today’s post, we’ll be introducing you to a Revolutionary AI Tool that Finds Winning Dropshipping Products that combine the power of AI and predictive analytics to help you uncover the next big dropshipping winners.

Introducing The AI-Powered Dropshipping Tool

ScrapWave is the latest entrant in the world of AI dropshipping tools, and it’s already making waves with its unique approach to product research. This Revolutionary AI Tool finds Winning Dropshipping Products to help scale your business. Unlike traditional tools like Ecom Hunt or Pippi Ads, ScrapWave harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to predict winning dropshipping products before they become popular. By monitoring AliExpress sales data across a vast range of products, ScrapWave can identify items with increasing sales and alert you to potential opportunities, giving you a head start in capitalizing on these emerging trends.

How ScrapWave’s AI Mode Finds Winning Dropshipping Products

At the core of ScrapWave’s functionality is its AI mode, which sets it apart from other product research tools. By continuously analyzing sales data from various marketplaces, including AliExpress, the AI-driven platform identifies products that are starting to gain traction. As sales for a particular item begin to trickle up, ScrapWave will notify you immediately, allowing you to take advantage of the opportunity before it becomes widely popular. This AI-powered approach to product research gives you a competitive advantage, enabling you to source and sell unsaturated dropshipping products with high growth potential.

AI tool finds Winning Dropshipping Products

Using the AI-Powered Research Tool for the First Time

Explore all of the tool’s features and options to get the most out of the AI-powered research tool. For instance, you can select to filter products based on how they performed over various time periods, such as the previous 90 days, the past 30 days, or even the most recent 24 hours. With this versatility, you may focus your search to find goods that are popular and align with your business objectives.

Look for items that grab your interest and have the potential to succeed as you browse the suggested products. For instance, you might come across a flexible LED light that can be applied in a variety of locations, including wine cabinets, restrooms, closets, and garages. Once you’ve found a product that looks intriguing, click the link to explore the AliExpress listing and learn more.

Analyzing Data to Identify Winning Dropshipping Products

When examining product data, one of the most critical aspects to consider is sales statistics. This information can provide valuable insights into the product’s performance over time and help you determine if it’s worth pursuing. For instance, you might find a product with steadily increasing sales, indicating that it could be an emerging trend. A product with a flat or declining sales graph might suggest that it has already reached its peak or is losing market interest.

To validate a winning product within your niche, start by analyzing its sales data. Look for patterns that indicate a growing demand for the product, such as a significant increase in units sold within a short period. For example, a product that goes from selling 12,000 units to 55,000 units in just a few months demonstrates that it has a strong demand and could potentially be a winning product in your niche.

In addition to sales data, it’s essential to consider other data points when determining if a product fits the winning criteria. For example, examine the product’s price history to see if it has remained stable or fluctuated over time. While this information may not be as crucial as the sales stats, it can still provide useful context when making decisions about whether to pursue a particular item.

Additionally, consider factors such as shipping times, product reviews, and supplier ratings. These elements can impact your customers’ experience and satisfaction, ultimately affecting your dropshipping business’s success.

Ensuring the Product Aligns with Your Niche

In addition to examining sales data, it’s crucial to ensure that the product aligns with your target audience’s needs and preferences. Consider whether the product solves a specific problem or enhances your customers’ lives in a meaningful way. If the product seems relevant and valuable to your target market, it’s more likely to be a winning item within your niche.

Identifying the Best Supplier for Your Winning Product

Once you’ve found a winning product using tools like or other AI-driven platforms, it’s essential to identify a trustworthy supplier who can provide quality products and timely shipping. Research various suppliers, considering factors such as product availability, shipping times, customer reviews, and overall reputation. Reach out to suppliers like CJ Dropshipping or USA Drop, who are known for their reliability and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Building a strong relationship with your supplier is vital for long-term success in dropshipping. Communicate openly and regularly with your chosen supplier, discussing your expectations and requirements. Ensure they understand the importance of timely shipping, product quality, and responsive customer service. By fostering a strong working relationship, you can create a smooth drop shipping experience for both you and your customers.

Let Ecommerce Empire Builders Launch Your Business

Starting an e-commerce business can be time-consuming and challenging, but you don’t have to do it alone. If you have the financial resources but lack the time to invest in building your business, the Ecommerce Empire Builders team can help.

With over 20 years of combined online business experience and millions of sales generated, the Ecommerce Empire Builders team has the expertise and knowledge to help you succeed in the world of e-commerce. Our team will personally build your new business, ensuring that it’s tailored to your unique needs and goals. We’ll handle everything from product research to supplier selection and store setup, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your life while your business takes shape.

Not only will we build and launch your e-commerce business, but we’ll also teach you the foundational strategies necessary for long-term success. Our goal is to empower you with the skills and knowledge needed to manage and grow your e-commerce business independently.

You don’t have to navigate the world of e-commerce alone. With the help of the E-commerce Empire Builders team, you can launch a successful business without investing all your time and energy. By leveraging our expertise and experience, you’ll benefit from a professionally built e-commerce store and learn valuable strategies for long-term success. Apply now and take the first step toward launching your e-commerce empire.

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ClickFunnels 2.0 Released — And There’s Just Not Much There

 We know our Empire Builders have been eager to see what’s in store for ClickFunnels 2.0, and we’re here with an overview. Unfortunately, there’s not much to see, as not a lot has changed. Despite pressure from users, ClickFunnels did not lower their pricing — which, as of December 2022, stands at:

  • Basic: $147/mo
  • Pro: $197/mo
  • Funnel Hacker: $297/mo

What’s New in ClickFunnels 2.0?

With the exact same prices that were already pain points for most users, how does the new ClickFunnels release stack up in terms of features and usability? We’ll start with a breakdown of the ClickFunnels 2.0 membership tiers.

Basic Plan

The basic membership gives you one website with 20 funnels, one admin user, and one domain. It also comes with three “courses” (which are not ClickFunnels training resources but are instead courses for the user to host on the platform). These courses only come with 1,000 students — only enough for low-ticket items, like free promotional courses.

You also get only 10,000 contacts and “basic analytics.” The latter is a huge disappointment. The following features, at least, are unlimited:

  • Workflows
  • Pages
  • Products
  • Email sequences

All in all, it doesn’t make much sense for approximately $150 a month.

Pro Plan

Peter Pru discussing plan options for ClickFunnels 2.0

The ClickFunnels Pro plan still only gives you a single website. Funnels jump to 100, and you’re allotted five admin users, three domains, 15 courses, and 10,000 students. Contacts remain quite limited at only 20,000, and you get the same four unlimited features as in the Basic membership. The analytics for the Pro plan are also exactly the same as you get with the Basic membership!

If you wanted to help people be successful on your platform, wouldn’t you want them to have the best analytical tools? In our opinion, all ClickFunnels users need to be able to look at their funnel stats to improve decision-making and know how to tweak their funnels. Instead, good analytics are being used as a selling point.

Users should have the best analytics as they grow, which would help them learn new sales funnel strategies and ascend more naturally. You’d think ClickFunnels would want that because then their users will increasingly need more websites and funnels as their talent improves. Instead, users only get high-quality analytics after they’ve probably already mastered the skills analytics would have helped them learn faster. Holding out on high-quality analytics seems like it only hinders users’ success and growth.

New features on the Pro accounts include:

  • Affiliate program
  • API access
  • ShareFunnels (previously only in the top-tier plan)
  • Liquid theme editor
  • CF1 Maintenance Mode plan


Moving ShareFunnels down a plan is a welcome change and created a bit of a buzz — but it’s not a strong selling point. While I’ve been one of the biggest supporters of ClickFunnels and one of their top affiliates for a while, I’ve also been hoping they would make some of these “top-tier” features more accessible at the lower levels. That’s where they would actually do some major good for users.

ShareFunnels drove every single affiliate sale of mine. But now, ClickFunnels is milking a little more money from their affiliates. The affiliates are being screwed over a bit because ClickFunnels knows the ShareFunnels link is the most powerful affiliate-generating feature.

Once you’ve built a beautiful funnel you’re proud of, you’ll naturally want to share it with others and use it to earn affiliate commissions. Well, that’s a privilege that requires being on the $200/month plan. Like the analytics, ShareFunnels should be all the way down on the Basic plan — which, for what it is, shouldn’t even be $150.

Hard Decisions for New Business Owners

You’d probably be better off just using sales funnels on Shopify and bundling Zipify instead. The main thing is that these are brand-new business owners, just starting an online business, and $150 is a lot for basic features. When their operations start picking up after a month or two, they’ll be locked in and require an upgrade. It’s just like Shopify, where it’s, “Start your own business! For just $30, you can change your whole life!!”

No, it’s not, and you won’t. You won’t even be able to build a functional website for that, and there are easier ways to make money without a website. These kinds of arrangements attract people who don’t know what they’re getting into yet. They don’t realize how much actually goes into running their store, how many apps they’ll need, etc. Then, it starts piling up as they become inundated with add-ons and apps (and bills) they didn’t know they required until it’s too late.

It’s the same thing with ClickFunnels. You’ll need at least the $197 or $297 plan, and it’s most likely the latter because you need the analytics; looking at your stats to make better-informed decisions is the most important part of eCommerce. Shopify also becomes way more expensive once you’re already involved, at which point you’ll need tons of other apps to build a functioning, profitable website.

It just seems crazy to keep such fundamental things out of reach while using basic, fundamental features as selling points.

Funnel Hacker Plan

For $300, ClickFunnels gives you three websites and unlimited funnels. You also get 15 admin users (why are admin users included in offer stacks, anyway?), nine domains (which seems random), and marginal increases elsewhere. While you do get 200 courses, that only come with a capacity of 20,000 students — which is absolutely nothing. People just coming into this don’t realize 20,000 students is hardly anything, especially when using a funnel to sell higher-priced items.

Finally, they give you their advanced analytics. The Funnel Hacker plan also comes with the same Pro account features listed above, and…. that’s it! That’s all they’re going with.

Out of all my connections in this community, the people I’ve seen promoting this are only pushing their affiliate links. I don’t think they’re actually using ClickFunnels 2.0, but who knows?

Lastly, you get a bit of a discount if you make an annual payment.

Community Feedback

Peter Pru discussing the recent release of ClickFunnels 2.0 and analyzing the value

There were some insightful comments about ClickFunnels 2.0, including speculation that ClickFunnels is trying to increase valuation and sell to private equity. We thought that at first, too. But now, I think they just want fewer customers at a higher price point. But I don’t see why people would get into ClickFunnels right now.

Besides the whole “culture” behind it, there really isn’t a reason to join ClickFunnels 2.0 — and if ClickFunnels took their product to Silicon Valley investors, they would absolutely be laughed at. It’s just not good compared to Shopify or almost any other online sales platform. They spend so much time selling courses, coaching, “masterminds,” and all this other stuff… Why don’t they just spend that time building better software?

That said, I’m still a huge supporter of ClickFunnels 1.0. Many people have been using ClickFunnels 1.0 and will keep using it. I’ll probably never cancel my ClickFunnels account because it has so many memories for me, and we’ve created tons of ClickFunnels training and templates (including a template specific to high-ticket products). I think a lot of people are going to stay on ClickFunnels 1.0 rather than upgrade.

With software such a commodity now, you have to compete on price, and people are still very upset about ClickFunnels 2.0 prices. It feels like they’re doing nothing in the interest of helping newcomers sell more easily, especially with so many new online sellers just starting out.

Naturally, people are asking what better alternatives exist. Personally, we like For $69/month, you can build stores and funnels. Also, they support email marketing fully in-platform. We get a lot of support from Store Funnels users.

Final Thoughts on ClickFunnels 2.0

New dropshipper trying to decide if ClickFunnels 2.0 is worth the price

Unfortunately, there’s just not much to say about ClickFunnels 2.0. Having seen great things from them in the past, we wish there was much more to look forward to, but that’s our assessment. We want to know what you think about ClickFunnels 2.0. Are you sticking with ClickFunnels 1.0, or are you going to use the new version? Reply down below, and let us know your thoughts, as well as opinions about any alternative funnel platforms.

This is an open forum for us to have good discussions that support each other and improve our online selling strategies. Be sure to check out our exclusive funnel-building webinar, which you can access today, and you’ll also receive our free $100,000/month funnel template. You can also check out our YouTube channel for more tips. We’ll see you soon with more sales funnel and online wealth-creation tips — and until next time, remember: your empire starts now!

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How to Make $250 a Day Online Without a Website

Are you wondering how to make $250 a day online, all for free and without a website? Facebook Marketplace dropshipping could be your ideal solution. 

As a Facebook dropshipper, you can make thousands of dollars promoting trending products from eCommerce sites such as Etsy, Amazon, eBay, and more. All you have to do is choose a trending product with a substantial value, such as furniture and other handmade products, and begin promoting it on Facebook Marketplace at a substantial profit.

With Etsy’s more than 4.3 million active sellers, the marketplace seems to be a goldmine for high-quality products. That’s why Etsy dropshipping often seems too good to be true. For instance, you could source quality handmade furniture for about $1,000 and sell it on Facebook Marketplace for as much as $1,250, making a profit of $250 on the spot. 

Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping Options for How to Make $250 a Day

Dropshipping is a business model that suits risk-averse entrepreneurs looking to begin an eCommerce business without the need to manufacture products, carry inventory, or ship the items to their customers.

Although you can opt for Shopify dropshipping, Amazon dropshipping, or eBay dropshipping, many people tend to prefer Etsy dropshipping for a variety of reasons, including:

  • The opportunity to sell handmade products: Etsy dropshipping allows you to sell a variety of handmade products which other popular dropshipping platforms don’t provide. So, you can sell unique and pricier products such as knitted blankets, handmade furniture, and other crafts.
  • Etsy is rich in certain niche-based products: If you want to sell handmade goods, wedding products, and printables, Etsy is an excellent marketplace for those niches. You might also be interested in dropshipping digital products or wedding accessories.

Why You Should Focus on How to Make $250 a Day by Dropshipping on Facebook 

Screen grab of Peter Pru on Etsy

Online store owners often spend a lot of money to reach out to new customers. However, Facebook boasts of more than 2.8 billion users, with most of them active several times each day. This creates a ready pool of potential buyers to reach out to with your products without spending a coin.

Besides, many marketing activities, such as gaining followers and posting content, are completely free on Facebook. Since some eCommerce platforms such as Etsy have one-click apps for linking products to Facebook, you can keep your product descriptions and inventory updated in real time.

If you want to reach a wider audience, Facebook advertising is quite inexpensive. Targeted ads can pull directly from your Facebook Marketplace. That means you don’t spend money advertising to users who have never shown interest in your products.

The Facebook marketplace customization tools are also pretty respectable. You can create a beautiful, clean storefront that showcases your products in different galleries. Additionally, you can leverage Facebook Insights to understand how customers respond to your products and posts. Typically, the infrastructure is set up for you, so you won’t need to worry about creating your payment gateway landing page. 

How to Sell on Facebook Marketplace for Free

Screen grab of Peter Pru showing how to use Facebook Marketplace

Once you know how to make $250 a day, it might be time to scale up your eCommerce business. In fact, it’s highly recommended that you automate your dropshipping business to break new barriers with your monthly earnings. However, if you’re in it for the short-term or want to make some extra dollars with a side hustle, you could manually import products to your Facebook Marketplace. 

Note that the process consumes quite some time when importing multiple products. Also, you’ll have to regularly refresh your supplier’s pages to make sure the stock levels and prices haven’t changed.

Having said that, here is how to import products to your Facebook Marketplace and begin your dropshipping business:

  • First, go to Facebook Marketplace and click ‘Create New Listing.’ 
  • When prompted for images of the product, grab the product images from Etsy or other eCommerce platforms that you want to sell from. You can either download and upload the photos or simply take screenshots.
  • When asked for the product description, simply copy the description from Etsy and paste it into Facebook. Do the same for the title, or create your own engaging title to encourage click-through.
  • Next, choose the right category. Set the condition to new and type in the brand name. Alternatively, you can simply name it “Branded” if you don’t want to disclose the brand details.

Pricing and Order Processing

When it comes to pricing, you’ll need to check the price from Etsy. Then increase it enough to cover your profit and the Facebook Marketplace 5% fee. Under Availability, select ‘List as in Stock’ to ensure you can continue selling the same product even after the listed item sells. Otherwise, the system will indicate “out of stock” status after a single sale. Once the item sells, head over to Etsy, add the item to the cart, and begin the checkout process. 

When prompted to key in the billing address, put your address. However, in the shipping address, use the customer’s address as placed on Facebook Marketplace. Now, here is the cool thing. Etsy will ship the item directly to your customer without you having to touch or handle the package.

Wrapping Up Our Thoughts on How to Make $250 a Day Online

Dropshipper considering different strategies for how to make $250 online

To wrap it up, Facebook Marketplace dropshipping is a simple way to make $250 or more per day. You can do this without having a website or setting up a sophisticated ecommerce site. It is fun, exciting, and highly profitable! If you’ve looking for a perfect side hustle that’s seamless to run at home and profitable enough to earn you a decent income, then you need to give Facebook Marketplace a try. 

At Ecommerce Empire Builders, we can teach you how to stand out in the eCommerce space. Our experts can help you launch and scale your profitable eCommerce business. So register now to learn how to grow your own wildly profitable eCommerce business without a website or any past experience! For more insights and tips, also subscribe to my YouTube channel.

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Why Most Amazon Sellers Fail Before Becoming Profitable

People think that selling on Amazon is their ticket to the big time, that they’ll open their store on Amazon and immediately be inundated with people wanting to buy their merchandise. After all, Amazon is one of the largest selling platforms on the planet. So naturally, if they have a good product, it will sell quickly, right? But the truth is that most Amazon sellers fail before they’ve even begun. The truth is that Amazon FBA can be a waste of time and a major financial risk. This guide will show you exactly why Amazon sellers fail and why FBA is not the amazing business choice that so many people think it is.

Amazon Will Believe Larger Businesses When It Comes to Copyrights and Patents

You can have a business making $50,000 to $80,000 per month and can still lose your business because a larger business makes copyright or patent claims on your idea. It doesn’t matter if the claim is totally false. It doesn’t matter if there is no evidence. Amazon will shoot first and ask questions later. Then, a year later, when it’s proved you were right all along, the larger business has already taken your market share, and you’re left with nothing.

Amazon Sellers Fail Because the Startup Costs Are Staggering

When you’re starting with a $0 budget, Amazon is a tough place to start. Everybody tries to pretend to sell on Amazon is cheap, but it’s not. You have to buy bulk merchandise and a lot of it to make sure you keep up with demand, and that means laying out five to twenty thousand dollars in inventory upfront with no idea if it will even sell. 

Added to that are advertising costs. There are literally millions of people trying to do what you are doing. If you want to stand out, you’re going to have to advertise, but ads aren’t cheap. Even if you are buying cheap ads, the odds are that no one will see them, and that’s why they’re so inexpensive.

Amazon Has No Trouble Competing With You on Their Own Site

Screen grab of Peter Pru discussing Amazon's packing cube product

Chances are, if you’re just starting, you are selling some basic commodity. If that is the case, Amazon makes it, too. Check it out for yourself; stop reading for a second and go on Amazon and put a basic commodity like packing cubes in the search engine. Amazon makes packing cubes, and it comes up first. Of course it comes up first; why wouldn’t it? They will always prioritize themselves over your small business on their site, and if you stop and think about it for a minute, that makes perfect sense.

Amazon is smart; they won’t just have one type of commodity on the market. They have so many products themselves that there’s barely room for any other competitors on the front page, and most people will buy from that initial page. 

The truth is people trust the Amazon brand; after all, they’re buying from their site. So people will buy the Amazon Basic version of what you sell before they buy yours. It will be cheaper, be better advertised, and have name-brand recognition. How can you compete?

Even When Amazon Isn’t Competing With You, Someone Is

If you owned a store that made luggage, you wouldn’t have your competitor’s luggage next to it so that the customer can compare. But Amazon doesn’t care about that. You’ll never get a page to yourself, which is why many Amazon sellers fail. 

If you’re not competing with an Amazon brand, your brand will be right next to some larger brand. There’s no way for you to stand out that way. If people wanted a specialty item, they’d go to the artist’s website or go to a craft website like Etsy. 

Amazon is where you go for convenience. People don’t care if your product has an extra pocket when it’s right next to a cheaper product and will ship sooner.

They’re Using Your Store’s Statistics to Compete With You

Screen grab of Peter Pru discussing Amazon Basics products

If your store is successful, it will catch Amazon’s attention. If they see you’re selling some niche product incredibly well, they might start making it, too. Go back to the Amazon page and Type ‘Amazon Basic’ into the search bar. These are all the commodities that Amazon makes. They started smaller, but they can copy a store’s products every time they see a successful store.

Maybe they didn’t always make gym equipment, but they saw some stores on their site doing good business and started making the same equipment. They don’t have to pay for market testing; you’re doing it for them. They can sit back and see what’s selling before duplicating the popular products and ignoring the products that aren’t selling, and they’re doing that using your hard work. How can you possibly compete with them when they control the site, and they can make everything cheaper than you?

They won’t give you your own customer list or your own statistics to help you make your store successful. So why provide the statistics to your competitor who is using it against you? It makes no sense!

Can You Even Afford to Rank?

Amazon seller seeing competitors outrank his store

The only way to rank on Amazon is either to sell a lot of inventory and have a lot of reviews or to be Amazon itself. When you’re just starting, you will have to give away hundreds if not thousands of products for free just to get enough reviews to rank. Can you afford to compete like that? Can you afford to give away thousands of free products just to get your business started?

Look at the stores on Amazon, and you will see that they all have incentivized giveaways so that they can keep up with the number of reviews they need to keep their rank up. Of course, you could decide you don’t care about your rank. But no one will buy from your store on page five of Amazon. Amazon is all about quick, cheap sales, so many Amazon sellers fail and fade away.

How Ecommerce Empire Builders Can Help

Don’t set yourself up to fail! Use Amazon for research and to funnel sales to your website, but don’t rely on them for success. I have started businesses before, and I can help you start yours. When you have your own business on your own site, people won’t see your competitor’s brands right next to yours. If you want to market your own business and sell products you believe in, then create your own online store. Click here to reserve your seat in our webinar or subscribe to my YouTube channel for more insights.

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Top 4 Hacks to See Instant Dropshipping Profits

Whether you’re experiencing success with your dropshipping business or currently struggling to get it off the ground, there are certain strategies you can use to see the instant dropshipping profits you want. Based on the success one of our clients experienced, we can show you some specific dropshipping hacks to supercharge your business and maximize profitability. Here we’ll review these hacks and how you can use them to make more money soon after implementation.

1. Optimizing Opt-in and Conversion Rates

The very first metric we want to see on someone’s sales funnel is a strong opt-in rate. If people aren’t opting in and providing email addresses and other information, then they aren’t going to make a purchase. Even if people are buying, it will be at a significantly lower rate than it should be. 

Our client had a two-step order form through Clickfunnels and saw an impressive 60% opt-in rate. This is rare to see. While we don’t recommend you try to reach this number from the start with your business, it is possible to get there with enough time and effort, as this client proved. With our team of experienced professionals and plenty of tweaking, we were able to help our client reach this level, and you can, too.

In addition to a stellar opt-in rate, our client had an equally impressive 11.74% conversion rate. This is incredible compared to the average Shopify store, which sees a conversion rate of around one percent. 

Together, these opt-in and conversion rates tell us that there’s nothing wrong with the client’s opt-in and landing pages.

2. Understand the Difference Between Maximizing Profits and Leads

Peter Pru discussing the importance of time and proper expectations when building a store

One point we want to emphasize here at Ecommerce Empire Builders is that you need to know the difference between maximizing profits and getting people into your sales funnel. You need to have a combination of both profits and leads. 

To see instant dropshipping profits, you should have a set of profit maximizers at the ready to help you increase your average cart value. This entails creating maximizers such as:

  • Upsells
  • Order bumps
  • Subscriptions

When it came to upsells, our client saw an insanely high conversion rate of 16.28% for the first upsell. The second upsell didn’t slow things down, either, with an even higher 16.39% conversion rate. 

Regarding subscriptions — we’re talking about services such as Netflix, Dollar Shave Club, and others that charge customers on a monthly basis. If you’re not using subscriptions for your business, we recommend you integrate one as soon as possible. They generate recurring revenue. Our client uses subscriptions to essentially receive free money consistently, without putting in extra work to see that steady passive income. 

3. Optimize for Specific Conversion Rates

Peter Pru emphasizing how important order bumps are to creating instant dropshipping profits

It may surprise you to hear it, but we believe these numbers our client is seeing are simply too high. For most businesses, these numbers are excellent, particularly to start with when going into dropshipping. The reason we see these figures as too high here is that, ultimately, your goal is to maximize profits as a business owner. Even if things seem to be going extremely well, there are always ways to further improve and increase income.

Target 10-15% Conversion Rates for Upsells

We’re blown away by our client’s 16+% upsell conversion rates. But we’ve found that the ideal conversion rate falls at around 10 to 15%. It all depends on the structure of the funnel. Maybe your upsells consist of more of the same thing, or a premium-priced product is included with a purchase. 

These extraordinarily high conversion rates could indicate that these upsells are too good of a deal for people to pass up, leading them to jump on them more frequently. In this case, we’d recommend raising the price on upsells to lower those conversions to the 10-15% range while further maximizing instant dropshipping profits.

Aim for 10% Conversion Rates for Initial Sales

We also recommended that our client raise the price of the main product to bring that 11.74% conversion rate down to the sweet spot of around 10%. Again, this may seem strange advice to hear, but the fact is that if you’re willing to lose more money to attract more people to your business, you will wind up seeing more profits. Many business owners just starting out may not want to hear that, but it’s an important lesson to learn.

If you’re seeing high conversion rates (and you’re happy with your income), you can keep things the way they are. However, if you’re disappointed with your profits, you can raise them while slightly reducing those conversion rates. 

A company like Dollar Shave Club excels because while they lose money when the first subscriber comes in, they make all of those losses back because of the longevity of monthly subscriptions they maintain.

Try to Reach 18-20% Conversion Rates for Order Bumps

When looking at our client’s conversion rate for an order bump, we saw a 14.20% conversion rate that was excellent. Generally, we recommend targeting an order bump rate of around the 18% to 20% range. Order bumps are pre-purchase upsells that customers are likely to add to their cart without much thought. These could include add-ons and other minor purchases that enhance that main purchase before buying.

Unfortunately, many businesses lose a considerable amount of money because they neglect to use an order bump.

4. Knowing What Offers to Consider to See Instant Dropshipping Profits

If you’re unsure what you should be offering your customers, whether it’s a deep discount or another offer, here are some of the different routes you can take.

A “Free Plus Shipping” Offer

In many cases, you’re often better off making a “free plus shipping” offer. These offers are typically safe to go with. But keep in mind that a properly built back-end is vital to get the most from this offer. This is because this offer causes a slight loss of income on the initial sale. But you can make up for that with upsells and other profit maximizers. 

A Deep Discount Offer

Deep discount offers are ideal if you’re using Facebook ads. The platform may not accept ads that make “free plus shipping” offers. In fact, we tend to use deep discount offers for our clients in lieu of “free plus shipping” because it’s usually the safer option of the two. For Facebook ads, we suggest you use video ads that maximize engagement. You can also use image ads that can supplement those video ads.

Work With the Pros to Get the Most From Your Store

Dropshipper reorganizing their sales funnel for instant dropshipping profits

All of these hacks can help you successfully launch your business and see instant dropshipping profits. But it’s increasingly tough to go it alone. There’s so much to consider when optimizing your dropshipping business, from finding the right niche and developing opt-in pages to preparing and launching ad campaigns. If you want to make sure you have the chance at instant dropshipping profits in this highly competitive industry, you’re likely to benefit from working with a team of experienced professionals. At Ecommerce Empire Builders, we have the combined resources and expertise needed to fuel your business’s long-term success.

To learn more about how you can use the power of sales funnels to grow your online business and find out how we can help, attend our free eCommerce masterclass. We’ll show you the steps you need to take to see the conversions and profits you’ve always wanted. You can also subscribe to my YouTube channel for more insights and business strategies.

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How One of Our Clients Made $200 in His First Week of Dropshipping

One of our Business in a Box clients, Fredrick, experienced an impressive level of success with his dropshipping business. In his first week of dropshipping, he made $200. Here, we’ll explore his personal success story and some insights he has to offer that you can apply to your own dropshipping efforts. 

Fredrick’s story is yet another example of what you can achieve as a dropshipper, whether you’re new to eCommerce or a veteran in the industry.

How Encounters with “Gurus” Inspired New Career Goals

Fredrick’s dropshipping journey began around one and a half years ago. He came across several ads on Facebook featuring eCommerce gurus. In those ads, these so-called experts would show off the millions of dollars they were supposedly making. Fredrick thought that if they could do it, then so could he. 

From there, Fredrick signed up for an Amazon FBA course to get him started. However, he wasn’t getting to the point where he was able to sell products as opposed to investing in inventory. 

(As a side note, we believe that Amazon FBA can be a great way for beginners to get into eCommerce. But we also advise against using Amazon as your primary dropshipping platform.)

Be careful of relying on Amazon, which is more interested in helping themselves rather than its sellers. We recommend building your business on your own eCommerce platform first. Then use Amazon as a supplemental platform.

Discovering Ecommerce Empire Builders and the Value of Outside Help

Screen grab of Peter Pru and Fredrick discussing the importance of working with a team

While still struggling to get his dropshipping business off the ground, Fredrick discovered our videos on YouTube, which introduced him to the concept of dropshipping funnels. Like many other dropshippers, Fredrick wasn’t sure what to change about his business to make it successful. We understand that it takes work to experience success. That can entail everything from changing niches and products to making drastic changes to ad campaigns. 

What inspired Fredrick to hire Ecommerce Empire Builders to help him with his business was the fact that he valued his time. But Fredrick also knew that he had a lot to learn to make informed business decisions and see growth. 

The fact is that nobody is great at everything. Fredrick understood that he would need some outside help to ensure his business had the chance to thrive. While dropshipping used to be easy, with most individuals being able to do just about everything on their own a decade ago, times have changed. Today, it pays to work with specialized professionals with the resources and expertise needed to facilitate growth. This was something Fredrick was willing to do.

Our team started working on his business and preparing it for launch. Fredrick continued to learn more on his own and sought products to sell. He also delved into copywriting and other aspects of his business during that first week of dropshipping and beyond, contributing to his business’s growth and supplementing our efforts. 

Understanding That There Are No Magicians in eCommerce

Unlike many of those “gurus” out there who make it sound easy to make millions in a matter of months, weeks, or even days of launching a business, we want to make it clear that there is no formula for success. We are not magicians. Every business out there will experience success at different rates. While many of our Business in a Box clients have seen success right out of the gate, Fredrick was an exception. It takes time to turn your dropshipping business into a success.

In Fredrick’s case, the third time was the charm when it came to launching his business. The first two attempts at dropshipping didn’t bring much success. But the third was where we were finally able to reach his goals. While we worked to find out what would propel his business to success, Fredrick put his trust in us and allowed us to keep trying different strategies. Eventually, we were able to work with him to build a business that yielded optimal results.

Goals That Keep Fredrick Moving Forward: Going Beyond That First Week of Dropshipping

Screen grab of Fredrick discussing his goals

At Ecommerce Empire Builders, we also understand that an integral component of success is good goal setting. To keep him motivated and moving toward the next big opportunity, Fredrick has set several goals for himself. His current goals are to:

  • Hit $10k per month
  • Keep learning skills such as copywriting
  • Build his business in the long term

Fredrick is one of our clients who has a good understanding of the work involved in succeeding with an online business. While our team is here to provide reliable help, we can’t make any guarantees. 

No dropshipper should ever expect instant success. Even if they think they have everything in place, it can take some tweaking and drastic changes to finally determine what works. However, having a team of experts behind your business can make sure that you’re not alone in your efforts. Several professionals bring different perspectives to the table to pinpoint the most efficient strategies.

By looking at different ads, upsells, and other components and the metrics behind them, your team can help streamline your funnel to generate the best possible results. For example, with some diligence and reworking of Fredrick’s strategies, one of his upsells managed to reach a conversion rate of 17-18%. Of course, there’s always room for improvement. But it’s a matter of persistence and never giving up, even when things don’t initially seem to be going as planned.

The Importance of Starting Instead of Waiting: Make This Week Your First Week of Dropshipping

Dropshipper reading books to pick up new skills

Fredrick’s ultimate takeaway in working with us was that it’s best to get started on your business as soon as possible. The longer you wait before launching your business, the more time you’ll waste as nothing gets done. Many dropshippers strive for perfection with their ventures. But success takes time and effort, and perfection is ordinarily impossible during the first week of dropshipping. Over time, as you build your business and optimize your strategies, you’ll be able to gear your business for long-term success. 

Do you want to find out more about how you can succeed with your dropshipping business the way Fredrick has? Then reserve your seat at our free eCommerce masterclass. We’ll show you how you can build your business and harness the power of funnels to earn a full-time income online. You can also subscribe to my YouTube channel for more dropshipping insights and tips.

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