Learn to Make Truly Passive Income With the Most Profitable Online Savings Account

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Welcome back, empire builders! As I’m sure you’ve noticed, savings accounts are a joke. The average interest rate is 0.04% APY. That’s less than a tenth of half of one percent! It’s so low that when people find a bank offering 0.5%, they feel like they struck gold. Well, what if I told you that you could be earning between 6% and 10% APY? I found a savings account that can make it happen. So let’s get into the details of the most profitable online savings account I’ve found!

Disclaimer: Real quick, I just wanted to make one thing clear. I don’t claim to be a financial advisor, and this isn’t financial advice. I’m just telling you guys what works for me. You should always speak to a professional for financial advice and do your own research before making any investments or financial decisions.

The Most Profitable Online Savings Account I’ve Found

I’m sure by now everyone has heard of cryptocurrency and online crypto wallets. What you may not have heard is that many of these crypto wallets are now offering insane interest rates. I know when it comes to money, many people are naturally skeptical—which is good. So, for those wondering why they would do that, they’re doing the same thing the banks are doing: investing with your money.

Both your regular savings account and these crypto wallets are investing with your money to make huge returns. The only difference is, the banks are rolling in dough thanks to your savings, and you only get a fraction of a percent in interest every year. These crypto wallets are actually giving you back a real cut of the money they’re making off of your account, giving you a chance to earn big — completely passively.  

There are two crypto accounts that I’ve been using that I really like, so I’m going to go over them with you. Some of you may be thinking you know what I’m going to say already, but don’t worry, one of them is completely optional. Things also change fast in crypto, So even if you think you’ve heard this before, I encourage you to stick around through to the end.  

The Most Profitable Online Savings Account, Part One: Gemini Earn

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If you’re looking for the simplest or most stable method, this is the platform to use. Gemini is a crypto platform that acts as a marketplace to buy, sell, and send crypto. It also operates as a wallet to store it and earn interest. It’s just like any regular savings account, except with a much better rate. You just link your bank account and buy some crypto, like Bitcoin or Ethereum. Then you earn interest on the money you keep in the account.

They also have something called GUSD, or Gemini US Dollars. It’s the platform’s brand of crypto, and it’s what’s called a stable coin, meaning it tracks the US dollar one for one. One GUSD is one US dollar. This is where I’m putting all my savings. I’m converting it into GUSD and leaving it to earn interest. Gemini pays out about 7.4% APY, which is crazy high compared to a bank’s savings account.  

The Most Profitable Online Savings Account, Part Two: Celsius Network

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This one is completely optional. Like I said, if you’re only going to use one, Gemini is the one. However, I like Celsius because their rates are a good amount higher. They’re currently offering 8.88% for GUSD, which is a substantial difference. However, the rate does fluctuate a good amount. The interest you earn from Celsius gets paid out every single week, so it can start compounding and making even more money.  

My Method for Using the Most Profitable Online Savings Account

If you’re looking to earn some passive income but you’re more interested in a stable rate, the most reputable company, or using only one platform, then I’d recommend Gemini. I use both, and they’re both very reputable. But for those looking for the simplest method, this is the one. 

If you’re looking to make the most money, you should use Gemini and Celsius in conjunction. That’s what I’m doing. I’m keeping around 70% of my savings in GUSD in Celsius and approximately 30% in Gemini, just to mix it up.

One thing I don’t like about Gemini is their low rates for other Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. They’re offering 2.05%. That might sound high compared to traditional banks’ interest rates. However, when you look at Celsius, they’re offering 6.2% for Bitcoin so it’s a really huge difference.

While you can use only Gemini if you want, you can’t use only Celsius. Gemini is a crypto marketplace where you can buy Bitcoin and GUSD. Celsius, on the other hand, is just a wallet. You can use it as a powerful savings account, but without Gemini, you’ve got nothing to save in it. So, you really do have to use either only Gemini or both together. The dual strategy gives you access to the most profitable online savings account, but either strategy is worth looking into. 

The simplest thing to do to get the most out of it is to create the Gemini account, link your bank account to it, buy the GUSD, and transfer it to the Celsius account to earn more interest. It’s a few extra steps, but it’s the only way to do it. Then you’ll be able to take advantage of the best that both platforms have to offer and make a good amount of passive income.

Final Thoughts on This Strategy for Passive Income

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This is my favorite way to make completely passive income and my biggest secret for getting the most reward for the least amount of effort. I’m going to be showing you guys a lot of different ways to make money, the best way to build an online business, how I make the most of different business hacks, financial tricks, and all that kind of stuff.

This method is the only way I know of to actually make 100% passive income with money you were just letting sit in a savings account. This way, you’re just doing the same thing, but much more effectively through the most profitable online savings account. I hope this helped you and that you enjoyed learning about this. If you’d like more of these kinds of tips, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Also, subscribe to my YouTube channel for even more videos in the future.

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