Shopify or StoreFunnels: Which Platform is Better?

Numerous e-commerce business owners find themselves undecided between the two popular options, Shopify and StoreFunnels. Given that both platforms provide distinct methods for developing an online business, this frequently results in confusion and indecision. Which one, nevertheless, is more appropriate for your e-commerce success? Let’s examine the main distinctions between Shopify and StoreFunnels: Which Platform is Better for your business.

Understanding Online Stores and Sales Funnels

To begin with, it’s crucial to comprehend the key distinctions between a sales funnel and a conventional online store. They are fundamentally different from one another despite the common misconception that they are the same. Shopify enables users to build an online store by allowing them to add various products to a storefront. Although this approach can be useful for businesses that want to emphasize a variety of products, it might not be the most effective way to boost sales.

StoreFunnels’s Strategic Approach

On the other hand, StoreFunnels emphasizes the use of sales funnels to accelerate the purchasing process. This platform uses a series of procedures designed to move customers through the purchasing process and toward making a purchase is known as a sales funnel. The goal of a sales funnel is to create assets for your business, such as email addresses and customer data.

When comparing Shopify and StoreFunnels, it becomes evident that the latter offers a more strategic approach to selling products online. Instead of driving potential customers to a cluttered store page filled with various products, StoreFunnels encourages the creation of a focused landing page that highlights a single offer. This landing page is designed to capture the customer’s email address, creating a valuable asset for your business.

StoreFunnels’ Key Advantages and Optimization Features

StoreFunnels continues the process by combining the order form with the payment page, streamlining the shopping experience. This increases the possibility of a sale by lowering the number of clicks needed for a customer to complete their transaction. The addition of upsells, downsells, and subscriptions is also possible with StoreFunnels, which can increase your average cart value and customer lifetime value.

Using StoreFunnels instead of Shopify has several benefits, one of which is the capacity to build highly efficient sales funnels that are tailored to the demands of the customer. By offering quantity break discounts, order bumps, and carefully planned upsell and downsell sequences, you can effectively increase your revenue and build long-lasting customer relationships. Furthermore, StoreFunnels makes it easy to incorporate subscription-based offers, providing you with a steady stream of recurring revenue.

Driving More Sales With StoreFunnels

Finally, StoreFunnels drives more selling points in your sales funnel. You can do this by directing customers to a thank you page after completing their purchase, where they can access exclusive discounts, join your social media channels, or browse other products. By offering these additional incentives, you can capitalize on missed revenue opportunities and encourage customers to make repeat purchases.

This picture represents a sales funnel and helps answer Shopify or StoreFunnels: Which Platform is Better?

Making the Right Choice for Your E-commerce Business

In conclusion, both Shopify and StoreFunnels have their respective merits, but the choice ultimately depends on your business goals. If you aim to create an online store that showcases a wide range of products, Shopify might be the better option for you. However, if you want to optimize your sales process, build valuable assets, and maximize customer lifetime value, StoreFunnels could be the ideal platform to propel your e-commerce success.

By understanding the differences between these two platforms and choosing the one that best aligns with your objectives, you can unlock your full potential in the competitive world of e-commerce. Whether you opt for Shopify’s traditional store approach or StoreFunnels’ sales funnel strategy, it is crucial to remain focused on your ultimate goal: turning cold traffic into loyal customers and maximizing your revenue.

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Become a Millionaire With This Breakthrough eCommerce Platform

Hey, what’s up, Empire Builders? If you’ve been wondering how to break into the eCommerce space or take your existing eCommerce operation to new heights, I’ve got some exciting insights and opportunities to share. Today, I’m going to let you in on one of the best-kept industry secrets. This article details the benefits of StoreFunnels, the best eCommerce platform available on the market in 2022 and beyond. 

In addition, we’ll go over the importance of synergistically combining stores, funnels, and email marketing to reach ultimate success within the eCommerce industry. While there is a lot of eCommerce software to choose from, StoreFunnels is the only software available today that makes integrating stores and funnels a seamless experience. Find out more about the many benefits of StoreFunnels and how this eCommerce platform can help make your million-dollar dreams a reality. 

Understanding the Difference Between an eCommerce Store and Funnel 

Even if you’re new to the world of eCommerce, you’ve undoubtedly heard about building eCommerce stores through popular website builders like Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, Squarespace, and more. What might be a little lesser known, especially if you’re just starting out, is the concept of funnels. However, if you have heard about eCommerce funnels, you’ve probably only heard about ClickFunnels. That’s one of the most popular funnel-building software programs.

Now, there’s no doubt that Shopify stores and funnels made with ClickFunnels software have made many people millionaires over the years. Unfortunately, most people who build a Shopify store or an eCommerce funnel fail

So, what separates the eCommerce one-percenters from everyone else in the eCommerce industry? 

Well, the secret lies in combining three key eCommerce features. Those eCommerce features include stores, funnels, and email marketing. What many newcomers in the eCommerce space don’t understand is the importance of combining these three features for millionaire-level success. 

So, you might be wondering what the difference between a store and a funnel even is. It’s a common question and, luckily, we’ve got your answer. You see, a store serves as a home base for your current customers. It’s for the consumers you’ve already converted and have created a relationship with. 

In comparison, funnels are for attracting cold traffic through paid advertising through Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, or other social media sites. Funnels help attract new customers; they also create assets for your business in the form of names, email addresses, and phone numbers. These assets can then be used to further grow your business through retargeting efforts like SMS and email marketing. 

So, take it from an industry pro. The secret sauce to eCommerce success comes in the form of combining stores, funnels, and email marketing efforts with the right eCommerce platform. 

StoreFunnels Is the Only Software on the Market That Seamlessly Integrates Funnels and Stores 

Screen grab of Peter Pru discussing templates in the StoreFunnels eCommerce platform

If you’re ready to start your own eCommerce empire, it’s crucial that you understand the difference between stores and funnels. But it’s equally vital to know the importance of combining funnels and stores synergistically to achieve ultimate eCommerce success. Currently, the easiest and most affordable way to seamlessly integrate funnels and stores is through The software available on StoreFunnels makes creating clean and effective stores and funnels easier than any other big-name software.

Of course, as outlined above, the three core features on StoreFunnels that will help build ultimate success are the store, funnel, and email marketing features. StoreFunnels can seamlessly integrate your stores, funnels, and email marketing systems. The software also comes with a ton of great templates that take figuring out design and tech problems off your plate altogether. 

Learning Resources

StoreFunnels is the easiest eCommerce software to learn, too. Many popular big-name eCommerce websites pay you to learn how to use their software. But StoreFunnels makes learning free and easy through the Academy. For example, the StoreFunnels Academy provides users with free video tutorials on:

  • How to create a website
  • How to create a funnel
  • Emails & automation
  • Countless other free resources to enjoy nearly instant success


Screen grab of the StoreFunnels homepage

Another key advantage of StoreFunnels compared to big-name eCommerce platform options is the price. The big names like Shopify and ClickFunnels will cost you hundreds of dollars every month. (Remember, you will need to pay for both, and an email marketing system, to get noticed in the eCommerce space. That’s hundreds of dollars, plus a ton of hours put into learning difficult software, all before you even make your first sale.) 

Luckily, with StoreFunnels, you can skip all these costly steps and receive a simple price that provides endless growth. You can get started with StoreFunnels today and begin creating integrated stores, funnels, and email marketing systems for just $69 a month. There’s simply no other offer on the market like StoreFunnels. 

Consult With the Pros and Get Your Own Pre-Built eCommerce Store Today 

Business owner seeing bigger profits with the right eCommerce platform

So, are you ready to take the leap and start building your own eCommerce empire? It’s time you start investing in your future and taking a chance on yourself. However, we understand that creating your own eCommerce empire can feel like a daunting task, especially when you’re starting from scratch. That’s why we created through StoreFunnels software. 

On Ecommerce Empire Ventures, we buy existing eCommerce stores. We then transform them into money-generating machines by putting them through our proven system. Finally, we sell these money-generating eCommerce operations to people who want to get started in the eCommerce industry without having to start from the bottom. 

Whether you’re looking to build your eCommerce business from scratch with the right eCommerce platform or through a proven business model, the team at Ecommerce Empire Builders is here to help bring your eCommerce dreams to fruition. To learn more about the opportunities and insights that Ecommerce Empire Builders can provide on your empire-building journey, sign up for access to our exclusive free webinar right now. In addition, be sure to check out our YouTube channel. You’ll find even more free resources and insights into the eCommerce industry. Remember, your empire starts now!

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