How to Find High-Ticket Dropshipping Products and Suppliers: Make Huge Profits Fast!

Hey guys! Aliakbar Gulshan, COO of Ecommerce Empire Builders, is here to walk you through high-ticket dropshipping. Today, we’ll look at exactly how Aliakbar got into the Empire Builders $50k Club using a high-ticket dropshipping funnel and how you can sell $200+ products to first-time customers using paid ads. Also, you’ll find tips on doing this effectively and why you should start high-ticket dropshipping today! Let’s jump right in.

Benefits of High-Ticket Dropshipping

While most beginner dropshipping advice suggests $20-$30 products, you can sell products up to $200+ using Facebook ads—and you should! Consider this: making $10,000 a month selling $30 products at a $5-$15 profit requires over 650 to 2,000 sales. However, with high-ticket products that make $50-$100 profits, you only need 100 to 200.

High-ticket dropshippers are also less reliant on backend profits. It’s much easier to scale because there’s so much more money to work with. If you put your $100 profit back into Facebook advertising to gain customers, it’s likely to produce significant results.

Requirements of High-Ticket Dropping

fundamental points of a high-ticket dropshipping product strategy

People often worry that high-ticket products will be too expensive to sell, especially to first-time customers who don’t know you. But this business model is profitable. As long as you solve a big enough problem and their need is great enough, they’ll buy from you.

However, there are some requirements. You’ll have to build enough credibility to assure customers it’s safe to purchase from you. That means having several elements in place to signal your trustworthiness. Let’s break them down and look at how to accomplish them.

Customer Reviews

It’s important to have plenty of customer review videos explaining the benefits of the product. The best videos will show customers unboxing, using, and reviewing the product. They should primarily be available for you to use on TikTok. The key is to avoid big brands and use video reviews for off-brand products. Without these reviews, buyers won’t feel comfortable enough to trust you with their purchase.

Bridge Page

A bridge page — the landing page where you’ll send shoppers who click your ads — should describe the product in detail, list its benefits, show off its best features, and highlight the product’s value to ease consumer doubts and build interest. When Aliakbar was sending customers straight to the order page, the sales weren’t very high. As soon as there was a bridge page, the orders nearly doubled.   

Well-Designed Funnel

A funnel that makes your business look cheap or unprofessional is a huge red flag that will scare people away. People are constantly looking for an excuse not to buy, especially for high-ticket items. If you don’t take the time to create a well-designed funnel with custom graphics made for your business and professional-looking bridge, order, and upsell pages, people will be too suspicious to buy your product.


Creating a sense of urgency is an enormous factor in getting sales. Today’s consumers will often see a product they want but decide to wait to buy it. They might want time to think it over or decide to compare prices and brands. Often, when this happens, they’ll leave the page and never come back. They frequently end up not buying one at all.

So, you need to give them a reason to stay. They need to have a good explanation for why they should buy the product from you right now instead of waiting until later so they can take their time deciding. A sense of urgency accomplishes this.

A great way to create urgency is by making it clear to customers that you have a limited stock of products. Once they’re gone, you won’t have more on hand right away. So, if they want one, they have to act fast before someone else buys them up.

Fast, Reliable Shipping

Many dropshippers will order products from companies in China that take as much as 40 days to deliver. Customers don’t want to wait that long. You should be able to get them their product within two days of their order. That can be difficult for smaller businesses, though.

One strategy is using Amazon to find and fulfill product orders. Once you have steady sales and the business generates enough daily orders, you can find a supplier on AliExpress with stock in the US who could fulfill orders with two-day delivery via FedEx. Being able to advertise two-day shipping makes customers more likely to purchase.  

Finding High-Ticket Dropshipping Products

example of shopping around to find the right high-ticket dropshipping product to sell

When looking for good high-ticket dropshipping products, the first step is to type your niche into the Amazon search bar. That will reveal a wide variety of product options and their listed prices. When you see a product that you think would work, type the product name into the search bar.

Look for a variety of suppliers selling different versions and brands. Products with few suppliers could be a sign of high brand loyalty, meaning customers are less likely to buy from someone new. In that case, go back to the niche page and find another product.

Use this process to verify options until you find a product with a lot of suppliers selling different brands across various price points. A product with a large price range means you’ll be able to sell it at a higher price point and make a large profit.     

Want to Learn More About High-Ticket Dropshipping Products?

Dropshipper focusing on high-ticket dropshipping strategies

Okay, Empire Builders, that’s all we can cover here. However, if you want to learn more about finding and selling high-ticket dropshipping products, you’re in luck! There is a video tutorial on the topic as well.  

In the video, we go into more detail, give you an over-the-shoulder demo of the entire product identification and verification process, show you a great example funnel, discuss upsells, and provide helpful tips for using Amazon to fulfill your products.   

If you’re ready to take the next step and start building your empire today, watch my FREE webinar to find out how I built six- and seven-figure businesses without ever touching a product or building a site. It’s the best way to get ready to build your empire.  

Plus, I’ll even throw in my $100K funnel template to help you make a full-time income online completely FREE! It’s all yours at no cost just for showing up because I know your time is valuable, and I want to show you how much I appreciate you investing some of it in my webinar. Remember, your empire starts NOW!

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How to Use a Sales Funnel for High-Priced Items: Our Case Study

Empire builders, today we’re diving into a powerful sales funnel for high-priced items and the niches that many of you want to get into. Selling high-ticket items will come with some challenges, but they also have absolutely phenomenal potential. I did a live demo sharing all the stats on a rock-star new funnel that we’re currently testing out. This innovative strategy has been consistently generating $1,000 of daily sales from a Facebook ad budget of just $50. How does this funnel deliver those kinds of results? It’s all about:

  • Promoting a premium product
  • Warming up your prospective customer with all the benefits of the product
  • Maximizing each conversion as much as possible

The funny thing about this exciting “new” technique is that it’s actually an old-school system. I was using it years ago in my dorm room when I was just getting started with dropshipping! It’s just as they say: history repeats itself. This awesome sales funnel for high-priced items has been working for me again. I’m going to show you how to make it work for you, too. 

What It Takes To Sell High-Priced Items

Before you jump into this strategy, understand that it’s specifically for premium products that sell for $50, $60, $80, and more. Getting a sale at these higher price points will require some serious persuasion. Why should the consumer fork over their hard-earned cash? You need a really compelling answer to that question, and that’s what this strategy is about.

Most dropshippers utilize Facebook ads to drive traffic to a two-step order form, a Shopify store, or another place where the customer can order the product. But what happens when instead of doing that, you send the customer to a well-written, engaging article that showcases all the benefits of the item they’re interested in buying? You can think of it almost as a news article. But it dives into:

  • The features of the product
  • What customers are saying about the product
  • Overall what makes this product useful or desirable

Crucially, the article also has several “call to action” prompts that invite the consumer to click on a link and purchase the product from your two-step order form. 

So what’s the point of all this, and why not send them directly to the order page? The idea behind this strategy is to warm up the consumer, educate them, and really create that motivation to spend their money on this product. 

Again, we’re talking about higher-ticket items. You would never need this format for a “free + shipping” offer or a deeply discounted product. But for something that costs $85, the article can serve as a type of bridge that preps and primes the customer before they even get the opportunity to buy it. That’s how you get the kind of conversions you need to turn $50 of Facebook ads into $1,000 of sales. 

The Magic of Two-Step Order Forms

Screen grab of Peter Pru discussing the value of articles to prime customers

In this strategy, what we do next is send that warm traffic over to a two-step order form. Now, I know that many of you are only using Shopify, or a similar platform, to run your dropshipping business. You might not be familiar with the two-step order form. It is an ecommerce sales funnel that’s designed to maximize each conversion. Trust me when I say that this tool is one of the best ways to sell products online, whether they’re physical products or digital products. 

The way it works is that the first page of the order form is to collect the customer’s shipping information and email address. Having that email is a fantastic asset. We can contact them again and again with promotions, discounts, and even cart abandonment emails that will potentially save the sale. Once the customer has filled out this information, they move on to the second page and add a payment method.

Your Sales Funnel for High-Priced Items Should Have Upsells and Quantity Breaks

Screen grab of Peter Pru discussing quantity breaks for high-priced items

The consumer will now be presented with some very tempting options for spending more money with you. This is where the magic of a two-step order form happens! You can significantly bump up the value of the customer’s cart in a way that’s not quite possible on platforms like Shopify. Your first opportunity to upsell the customer will be to offer a related digital or physical product that’s in the same niche. If you present the right product, visitors are very likely to want to add it to the order. 

Even better, you can also offer a quantity break discount to entice the customer to buy more than one of the item. Everybody loves a great deal, and quantity break discounts will offer them a better and better deal. My magic numbers for quantities to offer the customer are 1, 2, 4, 6, 8. Some people call me crazy, but I truly believe you can benefit from offering quantity break discounts with ANY product. Even if you think, “Well, no one’s going to want more than one of this. It just wouldn’t make sense.”

Trust me because I’ve seen it over and over again in my own businesses and in the ventures of my students. Let the numbers tell you if it’s a good idea or not. More likely than not, quantity break discounts will help you crush it with the profits you gain from each sale. 

See This Method for How to Use a Sales Funnel for High-Priced Items in Action

Online shopper buying high-priced goods at home

We recently launched a new store to put this funnel to the test by selling a premium-priced product. Check out my live demo on YouTube. You can see the phenomenal results we’re getting with a Facebook ad investment of just $50. 

This sales funnel for high-priced items has been consistently reaching $1,000 in daily sales, and the average cart value is an astronomical $392. Our conversion rate is relatively low, right around the 5 percent mark, but this is very typical of higher-priced products. We can also see that, for the customer who does buy, they’re signing up for an order bump 75% of the time. Wow! That’s what a motivated consumer looks like. These numbers show the game-changing potential of warming up the customers by educating them on all the product benefits.

Now, let’s go over a couple of notes about this strategy — I know some of you are definitely going to go out there and test it out. Like with everything else in dropshipping, using this sales funnel is all about making sure the numbers work. Like I said earlier, products over $50 will always have a lower conversion on the front end. You should expect that and be prepared for it. That means making up the difference by getting those warmed-up consumers to have a very high cart value.

This is exactly what you can see from our test case. The goal of this sales funnel for high-priced items is to maximize every conversion with order bumps and with quantity discounts. If you can’t strike that balance, you’re probably just going to break even. But if you can do it, you’ll be looking at a phenomenal return, like we have here. 

Consult With the Pros 

If you want to learn more about this strategy or how to use funnels to set up your own successful dropshipping business, it’s time to dive in. Sign up for my free masterclass webinar and begin building your empire today! Then keep refining your sales funnels with tips and insights from my YouTube channel.

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Use This High-Ticket Products Sales Funnel Template to Earn $5,000/Month

One of the keys to a successful online business is an effective sales funnel, which is especially true for high-ticket products. To help you get the results you want from your online store when selling these products, we’re going to share with you a high-ticket products sales funnel template that’s helped us make millions online. High-ticket products, or those over $1,000 in value, can include a variety of digital, information, and physical products, along with certain services. The funnel we’re going to review here will help you sell these products, whatever they may be.

This high-ticket products sales funnel may seem simple on the surface. But perceived simplicity signifies a highly successful sales funnel. However, the element that will make or break your funnel is the offer — every funnel should start with a solid, enticing offer that effectively brings people into the funnel. To get started with this funnel, you can download it here. But we’ll first review how to set it up to drive sales for your high-ticket product store.

Begin Your High-Ticket Products Sales Funnel With the Opt-In Page

The opt-in page is a landing page that’s used to collect people’s email addresses and add them to a contact list. In short, the opt-in page will be the key to generating leads. One page we use in our funnel is very simple, with this basic but compelling offer: “Learn Our Process by Watching This Free Case Study & Receive a Complimentary Ecommerce Accelerator Call.” 

There are two core components to consider when developing your opt-in page using this funnel:

  1. Have a video offer that includes some kind of video content that people can view. This content can educate people about your products and your brand. This offer should feel like something that people can enjoy on their own time, which will be key to getting more people to opt-in. People don’t want to have to sit through a live webinar or something similar that might eat into their schedule.
  2. In addition to the initial offer, you should also include a bait opt-in that includes a kind of phone call. While you may not want to get on the phone with people, this is integral to getting people to opt in. You can either call leads yourself or have a sales team handle calls, but you will need to make these calls in some way to make this funnel work.

Below your opt-in offer, you can go into some of the benefits of the offer to sweeten the deal and encourage people to submit their contact info.

Bring People to the Video Page

Screen shot of Peter Pru talking about creating high-ticket offers

Once people opt in and enter the high-ticket products sales funnel, you can then direct them to the next page. This will also look simple and feature the video content discussed in the offer. On the page, people will see an embedded video window. Below that video, they’ll be able to click on a button to book their call with you or your sales team. Your video should do a good job introducing your products and explaining how they work along with their value. The better the video, the more likely those people will be to book a call with you.

The dynamic here revolves around marketing vs. sales. While your marketing video can help convince leads that your products are worth the purchase, the sales process will come into play after your marketing efforts have succeeded. If your video attracts marketing-qualified leads to convert them to sales-qualified leads, those leads will be more likely to buy from you after going through that qualification process. This sequence can also help weed out any leads who aren’t as likely to become customers. This saves more time and energy on your end.

At the end of the video and after explaining the benefits of your offer, you can then encourage leads to schedule their call and complete the next form.

Direct Leads to the Application Page

Screen grab of creating a question form for a high-ticket products sales funnel

After clicking on that “Book Your Call” button, people should go to the application page. This will feature a Wufoo form that asks people a series of questions to further qualify them as sales-qualified leads.

Remember that high-ticket products exceeding $1,000 are a huge financial commitment for many people. So you’ll want to be sure that they’re willing to spend that kind of money on your products before selling to them. On your forms, you can qualify leads by asking for certain required information, including:

  • Name
  • Call preference
  • Email address
  • Phone number or WhatsApp number
  • Whether the person watched the entire video or not (crucial for determining whether people understand the offer)
  • Their website
  • Other relevant information

The type of information you collect will ultimately depend on your niche and the specific types of products you’re offering. So feel free to change the form as you see fit. For instance, if you offer a $1,500 survival gear kit, you could ask certain qualifying questions such as “How long have you been into survival?” and “How much do you spend on average on survival gear?” 

The more details you gather about your leads, the more you can decide whether the lead fits into your business and is worth the call.

Move Sales-Qualified Leads to a Call Booking Page

Once people have completed your application form, you can direct them to a call booking page. We use ScheduleOnce. It is a simple and easy-to-use HTML plugin that adds a basic booking page. Using this scheduler, people can simply choose from specific dates and times to book a call. Once they pick a specific time, leads will then be asked to submit basic contact details again, including their name, email address, or a WhatsApp number for international customers.

At the end of the scheduling form, you should also include a short description of the terms of the call. This could remind people to include any other decision-makers, such as their spouse, while helping ensure that they will be respectful and honor their promise to accept your call. These terms will further make sure that only the right people who are ready to make a serious buying decision will take your calls.

Complete the High-Ticket Products Sales Funnel With a Call Confirmation Page

Entrepreneur on the phone with a qualified lead

To prepare your leads and provide even more value after they’ve booked a call, take them to your call confirmation page. This page can feature another video that thanks people for scheduling a call. It should also instruct people to remind themselves of the anticipated call.

Below that video, you can further emphasize the value of your products by including testimonials. These will help reassure prospective customers that they’re making the right decision.

Simplicity Is Key in This High-Ticket Products Sales Funnel

Regarding this and any other sales funnel, simplicity is what will help drive sales. The more complicated you make the buying process and the more steps you include, the fewer conversions you’ll see. Include only enough steps to qualify leads and get them to contact you. This will help increase your chances of success. If any aspect of your sales funnel isn’t performing the way you’d hoped, you can always experiment and see what works for you based on your specific niche and audience.

Do you want to learn more about how to build a successful online store? Whether you sell high-ticket products or more inexpensive offerings, we’ll show you how with our free Ecommerce Empire Builders masterclass. Reserve your seat today, and we’ll give you everything you need to get started generating a full-time income online. For specific insights and tips as you build your store, also subscribe to my YouTube channel.

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