Success Story: How to Sell a Course and Make $1.5 Million

Welcome back, empire builders. Today, we have a long overdue interview with Felix from Giant Lifestyle. He’s been a part of our community in the past, and we haven’t talked to him since he was in our Inner Circle community years ago. Since then, he’s turned a $1,000 program of ours into well over a million dollars, and he knows all about how to sell a course profitably.

He’s here to show you how to take the same information we have here and use it to share your own information products. Felix has done this tremendously well — and thank you for jumping on here with us.

Back to the Beginning

For about ten years, Felix has been a full-time entrepreneur. But first, establishing a Giant Lifestyle YouTube channel was a labor of love. He wasn’t trying to make money out of it. He just enjoyed doing it. It was getting him by, but it just wasn’t hitting that next level. Then, he learned how to pitch his information products.

Eventually, Felix attracted enough interest in his online business, flipping diabetic testing supplies, and heeded a viewer’s encouragement to formally share his knowledge. We helped him learn how to package his offline skill set into a high-dollar course, and things started taking off. Felix went from making $5–10,000 per month to 30, 60, 90… and then he started hitting six-figure months.

“My life completely changed.” 

This is the power of online marketing; you’re amplifying a great idea others haven’t fully capitalized on yet.

How to Sell a Course: Stick With Your Foundational Idea

Screenshot of Peter and Felix discussing YouTube subscribers

Over 30 million people in America have diabetes, and they often wind up with a surplus of supplies. Felix glimpsed the profit potential of buying and selling diabetic test strips from a former colleague, though he was unwilling to show Felix how it was done. Felix persisted, reverse-engineering the process on his own and then sharing it with eager students.

It’s interesting how the obstacle he experienced with his former business partner corresponds exactly with the niche service he himself went on to conquer.

“I remember I was 20 or 21 when I made my first six figures…, providing a great service.”

As fast as it came, he needed better money management to keep it sustainable.

It’s exactly where I came from when I started Ecommerce Empire Builders on YouTube. I was just looking for a place to upload tutorial videos from a mastermind group I was in, where no one understood how funnels work — and to this day, I tell people, just go look at those videos.

It’s about more than selling courses. It’s about being an expert at what you do. This is how Felix was able to package his experience and strategies into a lucrative information product. Things that seemed like common sense to him were exactly what others needed to hear to achieve the same success.

You’ve Already Developed Your Pillar Content — Now Publish It

Whatever you’ve already gone through, the challenges you’ve overcome, we’re telling you: START A CHANNEL. That’s your pillar content, where all the other channels (Instagram, etc.) pull from — and it’s still a big, blue, wide-open ocean.

You don’t even need to generate subscribers at a massive scale to start making money. Felix, I’m sure you didn’t have your 50,000 subscribers back then, right?

“I had like 2,000. I just showed [my friend] how to do it in a partnership deal, and he just crossed 2,000 subs — and he’s making $2,000 a week.”

Felix is improving his own life and the lives of others by sharing his expertise on how to sell a course and other content.

“If you’ve got a skillset or an expertise in something, not only can you make a lot of money, but you could change a lot of lives. I’ve got students who make $10, $20, $30,000 a month from the information I gave them. It’s very fulfilling.”

Multiple Streams of Income

This is where multiple sources of income start happening. Your pillar idea/content sets you up for:

All along, you’re continually honing your original processes to a razor-sharp edge as you teach them.

“It’s still good to have some offline businesses — but with the power of the internet, all I need, really, is this laptop I’m talking to you on right now, an internet connection, cameras, and other equipment.”

It’s all about growing your channel/brand, deciding how to sell a course for continual success, and creating different experiences.

“I just want to make decent money, travel, and live life at the same time.”

Rhythms and Turning Points

Screenshot of Peter and Felix discussing the potential of niche content

This was when I asked Felix how he manages to travel with his most productive routines. Batching content whenever possible gets him through travel spurts, and he’s honest with himself about productivity. Establishing a temporary home base for a month or two becomes all the more valuable. Once it becomes exhausting, you can sign three-month leases between periods of jumping around.

Felix had this to say on the factors that initially brought his brand to the tipping point:

“I do four things. I have:

  1. Good titles
  2. Thumbnails
  3. Tags/descriptions
  4. Consistent content

If you can get a video to go viral… keep doubling down on it. Whatever… piece of content works, keep making content on that content.”

What about paid advertising as part of how to sell a course?

“I had some success, and then Facebook just shut my ad account down. My YouTube organic was so strong that there were times where, working maybe… 20 hours a month, it was almost completely automated. I just never could get into ads… I just stick to organic.”

Peaks and Plateaus

He was pulling up to $70,000 a month doing almost nothing. But he noted that he suspects ads would get him to the next level. It’s true, and it takes a lot of money and effort — especially at first, as you discover which messaging works.

Paid campaigns still need a core of organic content. It makes people want to pick you compared to people who only have content from five years ago. If you do have that consistency, mixing in paid advertising is a huge credibility boost. Even basic retargeting ads for your video audience could be just $10 a day.

Felix brought up the question of whether paid ads stifle your organic reach. For our channel, we built a second channel for running ads to avoid these potential issues.

Other Factors to Felix’s Success

In our 30-minute discussion about how to sell a course, Felix and I hit on many other elements that proved invaluable to big long-term profits.

  • Felix takes a one-man army approach, but he has a virtual assistant and continually supports his affiliate base. This creates a wider profit margin, and it’s when my own profit margins were largest (before radical scaling forced me to accept a slimmer margin).
  • Flexible thinking and confidence that “there’s so much going around for everybody… you could get started with any niche, any business, at any time” matter.
  • We’ve also found that the market is veritably infinite. There’s no need to stress about others taking away your hard-won niche. Your message, personality, and brand will attract or create a whole new niche for yourself.
  • Diligence matters. He made 100s of videos before they made him a ton of money. With every video you make, even with just a few consistent views, you’re building credibility.
  • With Ecommerce Empire Builders, I honestly feel conversions were stronger when I had very few subscribers. Those were the highest-quality views from the most determined viewers.
  • Accept the complexities behind creating your pillar content, even when it seems like just “one simple thing.” Again, Felix was diligent, operating with commitment and consistency.

It’s All About Mindset and Consistency

To set your own schedule and work in a field with limitless profit potential, you just have to get past that barrier to feeling comfortable with being uncomfortable. Even when you’re getting just 20 or 30 views with something, you still need to do it every single day. That’s just part of how to sell a course. This requires trust in yourself. I asked Felix how he got past any initial self-doubt, wondering, “What am I doing? Is this a waste of time?”

His was a project of passion first and foremost, and he wasn’t totally dependent on its success. Slow initial profits didn’t even get to him, but the low numbers of subscribers did. With humility, his self-talk revolved around the conviction that if others had cracked the code, he could do it, too. He reiterated the importance of:

  1. Good titles
  2. Good thumbnails
  3. Strong tags
  4. Consistent content

He also added SEO to that list.

“If there’s other people doing it, anybody could be like me, anybody could be like you; they just don’t know what they don’t know. And if they’re able to obtain that information, it could literally change overnight.”

We won’t be surprised if we talk again in another four years and see each other at even new heights. The power of the internet has been so impactful for both of us that we can live anywhere and take care of our loved ones.

Felix’s Prime Takeaway About How to Sell a Course and Other Information

With so much content about making money online out there, I wanted Felix to leave us with the one core piece of advice he hopes new online business owners remember:

“Take action. I started my entrepreneur journey — I read Rich Dad, Poor Dad — in 2013, and now it’s 2022. Don’t let the people on the internet with the watches, and the cars, and the success, and the mansions fool you… Just keep going, and don’t quit. You really only fail when you quit.”

“If you quit, you already know what you’re going to get… That’s why I try to stay humble because as high as you go up, in a snap of a finger, you could fall and lose everything. If you’re at the bottom, the only place you can go is up — but you can’t go anywhere if you stop taking action.”

You can’t just go back to what you were doing when you hit setbacks, and you only need one big win to really put you up on a plateau, to see what’s possible, and to permanently motivate you.

“If you miss 100 shots, the next time you go back and take another 100 shots, I bet you won’t miss all of them.”

We hope our audience doesn’t take this lightly. Responsibility levels rise even, or especially when you start making retirement money. One of the Ecommerce Empire Builders team members, Jordan, has a saying, “New level, new devil.” When you want to reap the reward, you have to be willing to face new sets of problems. The secret to handling them is, as Felix said, “Just keep going, and don’t quit.”

Keep Going on Your Journey and Focus on How to Sell a Course

New content creator making his first video

You can take action now, with no risk, by mastering the tightly honed funnel system I used to create a full-time income online by signing up for my free Ecommerce Masterclass. Because I want you to succeed, I also include the funnel template that helped me and others earn $100,000 each month. If you have the diligence, passion, and conviction that Felix and I held throughout our journey, I’m confident it will work for you, as well. For even more advice, subscribe to the Ecommerce Empire Builders YouTube channel.

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Dropshipping Hacks to Drive More Traffic and Sales Overnight

Empire builders, today I’m going to be sharing dropshipping hacks about how to turn a profit with your dropshipping business. This is especially useful if your store is currently underperforming or not delivering the returns you were expecting.

If you’re struggling with this issue, you’re definitely not alone. Pulling profits out of your ecommerce business can be a very tricky operation, especially since you need to continually spend on advertising. Many beginning dropshippers will find that, once all the numbers have been added up, they’re only breaking even. Today I’m going to tell you why that’s not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, you’re ALMOST there. It’s time to break through that stalemate and enjoy some healthy profits with these dropshipping hacks.

Maximizing the Impact of Every Sale

Profitability in dropshipping is all about making the most of your advertising dollars, whether you’re driving that traffic to Shopify, Clickfunnels, a two-step order form, or to a different funnel. You need to make every sale count. Let’s take a look at some of the most effective and reliable ways to get the most out of every conversion.  

Capture Customer Emails

Building your email list is absolutely critical for dropshipping success, especially if you’re struggling with profitability. Every customer email is an asset for your business that goes way beyond that individual sale. You’ll be to reach out to that person again and again, with promotions, new product launches, discounts, etc. 

Every sale generated by email marketing is essentially pure profit that’s just for you, without having to hand over a chunk for each click. No matter what platform you’re using, make sure you drive traffic to a landing page where you can collect those assets for yourself, along with their billing information, address, etc. Growing your email list is one of the most important factors for sustainable growth and consistent profitability. 

Quantity Break Discounts

Peter Pru explaining quantity breaks in sales funnels

If your current funnel has the structure for quantity break discounts, there’s absolutely no reason not to use them. This very effective technique is to give the customer an irresistible discount for buying multiples of the product. Offering quantity break discounts can boost your profitability like almost nothing else; it’s one of the best dropshipping hacks to implement for an overnight boost in sales. 


Because people love getting a bigger and bigger deal. My magic numbers for quantity options to offer the customer are 1, 2, 4, 6, and 8. Those numbers may sound like overkill to you, but this method is absolutely tried and true. I had a student a year ago that was selling premium-priced products using a two-step order form. It wasn’t a product you would expect to sell in multiples, and yet he got phenomenal results from the quantity break discounts. This is literally free money and a very effective strategy for making your business more profitable.  

Order Bumps

You always want to give the customer PLENTY of opportunities to spend money with you. An order bump is just something enticing that the customer can add on to their order. Keep it as simple as possible, but make sure it’s complementary in some way. For example, if you have a customer buying a toothbrush, why not offer them some toothpaste? You can also offer something like expedited shipping or front-of-the-line service. A well-executed order bump campaign will be converting at around 20%. This is an absolutely fantastic way to maximize this sale and help you become more profitable. 

Upsells, Upsells, Upsells

Happy dropshipper earning more profits from using dropshipping hacks

As you dive deeper into how to make the most of each sale, you should absolutely have upsells inside your funnels. That means you offer the customer more hand-picked, relevant products that they might be interested in. You have the consumer’s attention, and you probably paid dearly for that click, so make the most of it.

Your funnel can have as many upsells as you want, but I typically recommend offering three or four options. You don’t want to annoy the customer by putting them through upsell oblivion, but that’s not necessarily something to worry about. Just make sure you’re offering complementary products they might actually like, and that will provide value for them. Here are four reliable upsell dropshipping hacks you can use to be more profitable: 

1. More of the Same

This upsell is basically to give them an even better discount on the same product they’ve just bought, assuming that your margins allow it. This upsell works because they obviously like this product, and it’s what motivated them to click on the ad. Give them a reason to take advantage of the discount (“perfect for gifts,” “perfect for friends and family”). Then you can easily expand your profits on this sale. 

2. Complementary Products

These are, again, product offers that are extremely related to whatever they just bought. If the customer purchased some fishing lures, you can offer a fishing tackle box. The idea is to include something they’re going to need anyway. They might as well buy it from you, right?

3. Digital Products

It’s very hard to sell digital products on their own because it’s not something tangible. It’s hard to convince people of the value of a digital product, and they just tend to convert at a lower rate. But digital products work very well for upsells, especially if they relate directly to the niche this customer is interested in. It can be an eBook bundle, a video course, a PDF, or anything else. The best part is, you only pay someone to create the product once, and then you can sell them over and over again.  

4. Monthly Subscriptions

This is the most important upsell option, BY FAR, and one of the most effective dropshipping hacks to make your business more profitable. Every monthly subscription you sell is money that flows into your business every month without you having to do anything. It’s pure profit! If you can sell this service to 10 percent of your customers, and each subscription is $39.99, it would completely transform your business. That money could help you expand your ad budget, or you can even use it to pay yourself. Pound for pound, monthly subscriptions are one of the most effective ways to make your business profitable. 

The Smart Way to Think About Profitability 

Dropshipper working to improve his funnel for overnight sales increases

If you want to get more profitable, I want to challenge you to change your line of thinking. You can’t depend only on “posting the ad and getting the customer to buy that product.” It’s not surprising that some of you will only break even by following that basic strategy. After all, advertising costs aren’t getting any lower! There’s really only so much you can do at the ad level. But if you’re just breaking even and practically giving products away for free, that’s an excellent start. You’re getting those customers into your funnel, and THAT’S what matters. 

In other words, your profits may not come right at the beginning of the funnel. That’s why you focus on maximizing each sale by upselling digital products, complementary products, and monthly subscriptions. You make bank on quantity discounts and order bumps, not ad clicks. It’s really going to be later on down the funnel, where your margins are much more favorable and you can add in dropshipping hacks, that you can generate those big profits.  

Utilizing Your Most Important Asset: Email Lists

Email marketing remains the most powerful and cost-effective way to sell anything you want online. You should be emailing your customers every day, or at least several times a week. Email them discounts and offers. Email them your Shopify product page. Create order pages for your monthly subscriptions and email them promotions for that. If you’re really lazy, you can even email them affiliate marketing offers that relate to your niche. Like I said earlier, your customer’s email addresses are your most important asset. 

But these email addresses won’t do you any good if you’re not using them! Simply put, these email-generated sales are pure profit. If you find you’re only breaking even after paying for all those clicks, make up the difference by reaching out to your list with relevant, attractive offers. 

My team at Ecommerce Empire Builders is actually putting together an email package right now, which will be for a small group of dropshippers. These are businesses that are already earning at least $5,000 a month and have the budget for a back-end email system. The service will essentially be a 93-email sequence that we build and manage for you. If your business qualifies, email me to learn more! 

Consult With the Pros to Put These Dropshipping Hacks Together

There’s so much more to learn about building a profitable dropshipping business, and it’s important to start your business with a strong foundation. Reserve your seat at our free dropshipping webinar to learn all about maximizing sales and making the numbers work for you. Also, visit my YouTube channel for frequent videos about trends, new strategies, and other insights.

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How to Make a Resale Profit by Purchasing Pokémon Cards

In today’s experiment, we’re going to be taking on the challenge of purchasing $1,200 worth of Pokémon cards and flipping them on eBay to see what sort of return we can get on our investment. These hidden gems are something of a childhood memory for many of us. That’s what makes them perfect for the exploding market surrounding today’s home-niche sales. Pokémon cards are no longer a fad of the past; they’re a money-making deal. Learn how to make a resale profit by turning these collector’s items into a cash-making opportunity

Know Your Market, Do Your Research

In any industry, the first thing you want to do is learn the angles of the market. With most categories, you’ll find a consistently changing field that experiences highs and lows. However, if you spend a little time exploring and learning about the product, you can use it to determine the best strategy for how to make a resale profit.

One of the strategies I’m using with our Pokémon challenge is utilizing my research time to:

  • Learn about the hottest cards
  • Find the best deals on cards
  • Turn around and flip that purchase to make more money than I originally spent

This strategy helps you gain insight into what potential buyers are looking for and what items are profitable. 

To start things off, I quickly turned towards my research to better learn about the current market for Pokémon cards. This included learning how to distinguish between rare and everyday cards. I also discovered the difference between shadow and shadowless cards. During this period, I learned that collectors and sellers of Pokémon cards, as well as many card retailers, often use a PSA grading system to help determine the worth of each card. It operates on a 1-10 scale. This helped me conclude that, rather than aiming for the best of the best, I would drop to a PSA 9 rating. Then I’d try to upcharge from there once I had my collection together. This decision left me hunting PSA 9 graded cards, base sets, and 1st edition shadowless cards.

How to Make a Resale Profit by Looking for Deals

Screen grab of Peter Pru explaining eBay filters

Throughout the process of hunting down additional cards I could flip and get a return on, I utilized sorting capabilities on eBay’s platform to give my buying strategy an extra boost. I discovered that on the left-hand panel of the platform, I could do more than sort for the most recent posts. Using the website’s ‘sold’ filter, I was able to see which PSA 9 cards had recently sold and how much they sold for. This was helpful when it came time to hunt for the best deals. This also helped craft my strategy of sorting for the most recently posted cards and making a bid. 

My basic endgame strategy for finding cards I could get a return investment on looked a little something like this:

  1. Research recently sold PSA 9 cards to determine the best price range for purchase.
  2. Filter my search to the most recently posted cards.
  3. Make a bid.

What I Learned About Finding Deals

During this time, I learned that most people who’d just listed wanted to get their card out and get it sold. This strategic focus helped me score the best deal, and I even found a pack of 6 PSA 9 graded, 1st edition cards that were shadowless for $260. Each of these cards was selling individually for $100 or more on average when I did my research. 

Another lesson that humbled me throughout my shopping experience is that mistakes are learning points. We all make them, and we all learn from them. I got a little overly excited about a Machamp 1st edition, PSA 9 graded card and possibly overpaid for it when it popped up. What I thought was a really good deal at a low price for a high-quality card may have been overkill and could have put my ROI at risk. I thought the card was shadowless, but after looking at my purchase, I realized it was not. 

How to Make a Resale Profit by Controlling the Perception

Once my newly purchased Pokémon cards arrived, it was time to get them back on the market to see if I could flip a return. One tip for listing your items for resale is to see what identical products have recently sold for. This can help you price items to make sure you’re not overcharging. It can also help ensure you don’t undercharge and lose out on profit. 

One way you can control the perception of your cards is by taking high-quality photos. Place them in front of an LED light if you have one, and use a camera that can focus on the distinguishable features to help show off how well taken care of the product is. This is another great way to bring in serious buyers from the marketplace.

Testing the Waters of How to Make a Resale Profit

Peter Pru going over the resale value of his purchased cards

After doing my research, hunting for the best deals, and preparing for resale, it was time to test the waters with this challenge. The cards were placed back on eBay with the highest rate they’d recently sold for, and bids began rolling in. Each card was available for auction and had an instant purchase option at a set rate.

The same night I posted my listings, influencer and well-known Youtuber Logan Paul posted a video stating that he’d be buying a $200,000 box of Pokémon cards and unboxing it. This led to a surge in buyers scanning the market for the best deals. I decided to take my listings down for about a week to see if the market increased.

This threw an unexpected curve in the challenge. But it helped when it came to putting the cards back on the market and seeing a return. The 1st edition Machamp card I thought would potentially cost more than I’d get a return on sold for a little over what I’d paid. A buyer asked to bundle it with a second card. Between the two, I gained $400+ back on what I’d originally spent. That left six cards to see even more of a return on. 

Shortly after shipping the sold cards out, I found another great deal on three additional cards and quickly flipped them for another profit. This addition put us over the edge to complete the challenge. It also left me with a few more cards to keep up on the market. 

Learn More About This Business Model

Woman celebrating a successful resale online

Don’t stop at learning how to make a resale profit. If you’d like to learn more about our strategies, the business models we swear by, and how to make a return on investment through entrepreneurship, sign up for our free webinar today. We’ll teach you all of the things we’ve learned about ecommerce and how to make a successful business. For more in-depth details about my experiences selling different types of products, visit my YouTube channel.

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Ecommerce Tips From Dropshipping Millionaires

2021 is a year stacking up to contain a lot of potential for the ecommerce industry. There are tons of opportunities for you to form the foundation of and scale your dropshipping business this year. I recently sat down with three of my ecommerce friends to discuss how 2020 Q4 performed, what went wrong, what went right, and what we learned. Ricky Hayes, Kamil Sattar, Shishir Nigam, and I are all members of The Dropshipping Council. This council is open to an exclusive group of dropshippers that have reached the $100,000 per month mark. We have all gone through ups and downs on our road to success and have some ecommerce tips and tricks to share with you to start building your own ecommerce empire. Read on to discover the key takeaways from our 2021 dropshipping masterclass. 

Did 2020 Q4 Live up to the Hype?

With the emergence of COVID-19, the ecommerce industry saw new growth, as well as new struggles throughout 2020. There was a lot of hype in late 2020 about how Q4 would stack up for the industry. Many industry leaders predicted the biggest Q4 ecommerce has ever seen due to COVID-19 restrictions and the rise of ecommerce as a whole. However, for Ricky, Kamil, Shishir, and me, Q4 didn’t necessarily live up to all the hype. 

So, why was Q4 such a letdown? The main reason for this letdown had to do with slow shipping times and supply shortages due to COVID-19. While some of us saw less in revenue but more in profit, Q4 was plagued with massive delays. Due to the shortages and slow shipping speeds, refunds were also at an all-time high during Q4. So while Q4 didn’t live up to the hype, it provided many useful lessons for us in the ecommerce industry. 

What 2020 Q4 Taught Four Dropshipping Millionaires 

Screen grab of Dropshipping Council discussing ecommerce tips

The number one takeaway from 2020 Q4 for four dropshipping millionaires is to focus on what’s in your control. None of us can control shipping speeds or supply shortages brought on by a global pandemic. However, we can control how we manage these situations and where we put our energy. The results of 2020 taught us all to focus our energy on only what we can control within our dropshipping businesses. 

Placing energy on what you can control includes building assets for your ecommerce business that are in your control. Social media is great, but my 2020 experiences also taught me that it’s not an asset that is fully in my control. Instagram locked us out of one of our business accounts for over two weeks. This experience taught me to place more of my focus on building email lists and collecting phone numbers. Why? Because that is an asset that can’t be taken away. To grow these assets also requires a deep focus on creating great landing pages with compelling copy. All in all, always place your energy in aspects that are in your control. Your ecommerce business will be better served by following this principle. 

2021 Ecommerce Tips 

Screen grab of Peter Pru discussing how to drive customer action with the Dropshipping Council

Looking ahead at 2021, there are rising trends that every ecommerce dropshipper should be aware of as the year progresses. For Ricky, Kamil, Shishir, and I, the following are our top 2021 ecommerce tips for all aspiring dropshippers. 

1. Digital Products Are a Must 

If you haven’t tapped into the digital product market yet, 2021 is the time to do so. More than ever before, people have tons of time to get on their phones and consume an infinite amount of digital products. 

A simple example of a niche digital product market is presets for photographers. Tons of people are getting into photography and editing as a hobby or side hustle. Selling presets is a great way to tap into this growing niche market. The great thing about digital products is that there are very few logistics to worry about. You aren’t sending out a physical product. This means you have no concerns about the slow shipping speeds or supply shortages that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought on. 

At Ecommerce Empire Builders, we also love to mix digital products with physical products. This is definitely a concept you should consider incorporating into your own dropshipping business. There is a ton of psychology behind why this marketing strategy converts. You can read more about it in the book, Paid to Think

I’ve been using this model on my woodworking funnel and have been getting a ton of conversions by selling a woodworking tool and bundling it with a digital product that teaches the customer how to use their new tool. Remember, it’s one thing to sell someone a product, and it’s another to teach them how to use it. Overall, incorporating digital products into your 2021 ecommerce endeavors is our biggest ecommerce tip.

2. Get More Out of Each Sale 

In 2021, you have to be getting more out of each sale if you want to grow your ecommerce business. To get more out of your customers and to stretch your revenue, you need to be utilizing upsells within your funnels. Simple upsells that make sense will transform your profit margins. Another way to get more out of your sales is by creating some sort of subscription service. This could be an exclusive digital members area or a monthly box subscription. Whatever model you choose, a subscription service has the potential to grow your ecommerce business by leaps and bounds. 

3. Tap Into Customer Emotions 

woman shopping online while staying home

The last of the ecommerce tips to really focus on in 2021 is to tap into customer emotions. On-demand printing has really taken off in the dropshipping industry. People love having personalized apparel, accessories, or other items. While on-demand printing is becoming a saturated marketplace, if you can find a niche that you can separate your business from others, you have a winning endeavor. Think about emotional angles when creating these types of businesses. If you can pull on the heartstrings with your product, you will be able to achieve a very high conversion rate. 

Consult With the Pros 

Now it’s time to get to work! I hope these ecommerce tips will help you as you navigate the evolving ecommerce industry throughout 2021. If you feel like you need more guidance with developing your mindset and growing your ecommerce business, feel free to reach out to us today. At Ecommerce Empire Builders, we can help you build, launch, and scale your own profitable dropshipping business. To get the ball rolling, sign up for access to our exclusive free webinar today. Be sure to check our YouTube channel for even more free ecommerce and insights. Remember, your empire starts now!

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